Best Plastic Wagons

Lightweight and full of gadgets, plastic wagons are a top choice for families with babies and young kids who will stay mostly on solid ground (the wagon, not the kids). They are lighter in weight and easier to throw in the mini-van for weekend adventures. These wagons also typically have the coolest features like seat belts, storage and drink holders. We've found that the plastic tends to dry out and become brittle on some less expensive models after a few years, especially if left outside. The cheaper models tend to also have noisy wheels so find one with rubber tires if that bothers you.

Price: For the budget conscious, the plastics are the way to go
Terrain: Suitable for concrete jungles - light grass and parks are ok too
Travel: A bit bulky but very lightweight so you won't throw your back out getting it in the mini-van
Notes: Some plastic wagons have great options like seat belts, storage and shade included

Radio Flyer, Little Tikes and Step 2 have some great plastic wagons. Look for good tires, shade and long handles that fold under/over for easy transportation. Keep it stored in the garage (away from the sun's rays).