Best Metal Wagons

This is where it all began - you probably started off with one of these basic metal-pan wagons back in the day. There's just something so utilitarian about the metal wagons that keeps them on the shelves year after year. Nowadays, you can dress them up with wood sides, beefy tires, shade and more but its DNA is steel.

The metal bed wagon, if stored properly will last for 10-15 years, even longer if you can keep the rust away. The powder-coated (baked-on paint) finish is what keeps it looking great and lasting so long. The metal wagons can usually handle more cargo weight than its wood bed brethren...great for chores around the homestead.

Price: A basic steel wagon can be had for less than $100
Terrain: solid rubber tires are fine for cargo but the air tires will cushion the ride better and let you go offroad
Travel: Most handles will fold back underneath the wagon. Siderails are usually bolted on
Notes: You can't go wrong with a traditional wagon for either cargo or kids... just be sure to add side rails if you're hauling kids. We don't want them falling off the back if you pull to quickly.

We like the Radio Flyer and John Deere wagons below. Just remember to bring a blanket or pad for junior's backside - the metal can be pretty hard and cold at times (tough on the bumbs if you have solid rubber tires).

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