All Terrain Beach Wagons

The sandy beach is a tough obstacle for most wagons - skinny rubber tires and cheap plastics will drive right down into the sand. For serious horsepower to help you over the dune-like hills, you need a special breed of wagon with wide tires and large weight capacity.

Beach wagons have made a name for themselves because of this huge challenge of hauling kids and gear across the sandy wastelands from parking lot to your paradise spot.

The wider the tires, the better off you'll be. Check payload capacities and weight of the wagon if trying to fit in the mid-sized SUV - along with all the accouterments of kids.



What to look for in a Beach Wagon:

Quality woods, heavy duty metals with powder coated undercarriages. Wood beds should have thick coats of varnish. Stay away from pine and other soft woods. Tires: Bigger the better.